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Bing Maps Exits Beta, Adds New Apps

Microsoft today announced that Bing Maps is no longer in beta. And they've added a couple of cool new apps too:

Today, Bing Maps removed the beta tag from the new mapping experience. Since launching the Bing Maps beta seven weeks ago we've improved the performance, fixed some bugs that were uncovered during the beta and made some small UI changes. In addition to removing the beta tag, we added two news apps to the Bing Maps gallery:

Destination Maps App - This new app lets people create a customized map for use with invitations or when planning an event. Rather than taking a screenshot of a full map showing a destination, Destination   Maps will simplify the map by showing only the route and major roads along the way. In addition, the map can be tailored to a different style, ranging from a "back of the napkin" sketch to a "treasure map" style.

Events App - Rather than searching for events in traditional search results, the Events app overlays local events on a map and lets people filter the results by date, popularity and type of event. For instance, someone can zoom in on their neighborhood to search for live jazz music on Saturday evening.

For more information, check out the Bing Maps blog post.

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