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Big Nintendo Wii update

I realize I'm not exactly the Wii's biggest backer, but this does change things a bit:

Wii System Update

Download Wii Menu 4.0 today, and expand the potential of your Wii console with a comprehensive storage solution.

Store downloaded games and channels with ease. View even more media* on the Photo Channel or Wii Speak Channel. Manage the content on your Wii console more effectively.

What’s new with Wii Menu 4.0?

Store more—Add more Wii storage using SD Cards or the high capacity SDHC Card format (up to 32GB).

Improved SD Card support—launch WiiWare titles, Virtual Console games, or channels directly from an SD/SDHC Card.

Let your Wii console move games and channels to an SD/SDHC Card with Auto Manage when system memory fills up.

Download titles from the Wii Shop Channel to Wii system memory or directly to an SD/SDHC Card.

How do I download it?

Updating your Wii Menu is easy! Just select the System Update option in Wii System Settings.

* Images in JPEG format only. Video in Quicktime or AVI format only. Music in AAC format only

Thanks to Michael G. for the link.

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