A Backup Solution for the Designated SharePoint Admin

Idera adds self-service document recovery, automated backups, search capabilities

Frequently these days, SQL Server DBAs are tasked with SharePoint duties as well as SQL Server duties, says Rick Pleczko, President and CEO of Idera. And as the designated SharePoint admins, their big problem “is not the proverbial 747 landing on the server,” he says.

“Their big pain is people like Rick Pleczko who call up and say ‘I deleted my Power Point presentation. I think I titled it something like PPT.’ If you have a sizable SharePoint farm, you have many Rick Pleczkos.”

With its recent release of SharePoint backup 2.0, Idera continues to carve out a niche of SharePoint solutions aimed at the accidental SharePoint admin who needs easy-to-use tools to manage and back up SharePoint. SharePoint backup 2.0 automates the backup process, offering the ability to schedule backups daily or weekly, as well as adding an intelligent backup engine that can tell when to do a small backup and when to do a differential backup, depending on the volatility of the particular SharePoint site.

Idera also added fault tolerance, ensuring failover to another service so backups are completed, and a search engine, which enables users to search multiple backups, plus a self-service recovery ability that lets users recover their own documents. The solution, Pleczko says, is aimed at any size of SharePoint farm, whether it consists of one server’s worth of data or massive terabytes of data. To learn more, see Idera’s website.

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