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AWS re:Invent 2022: AI Takes Center Stage

The cloud giant unveiled updates to CodeWhisperer, Kendra, and HealthLake.

Amazon Web Services used its annual re:Invent show in Las Vegas to showcase a series of new AI and machine learning offerings.

According to the cloud giant, more than 100,000 customers use its ML and AI services for a broad range of business use cases to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, from intelligent demand planning to document processing and content moderation.

Among the new additions to its AI arsenal, AWS announced a series of features and enhancements across its portfolio, including solutions tailored for industry-specific challenges.

Bratin Saha, VP and GM of AI and ML and Amazon wrote in a blog post: “These AI service innovations provide vertical markets and horizontal functions with deeper, real-time insights and cost-saving efficiencies to drive transformation across industries.”

AWS Supply Chain

One of the notable additions announced at re:Invent was AWS Supply Chain – a new cloud application designed to improve supply chain resiliency using machine learning.

The supply chain offering is designed to anticipate and respond to supply chain disruptions.

AWS describes it as “an application that improves supply chain visibility and provides actionable insights to help businesses optimize supply chain processes and improve service levels.”

Customers would set up a unified supply chain data lake using AWS Supply Chain’s built-in connectors, which use pre-trained ML models to extract and aggregate data from supply chain management systems.

The platform then contextualizes that information into a real-time visual map, highlighting current inventory selection and quantity at each location, giving brands the ability to monitor supply chains at scale.

“Customers tell us that the undifferentiated heavy lifting required in connecting data between different supply chain solutions has inhibited their ability to quickly see and respond to potential supply chain disruptions,” said Diego Pantoja-Navajas, VP of AWS Supply Chain at AWS.

AWS’s supply chain platform comes hot off the heels of a similar offering launched recently by rival Microsoft.

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