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AI Pioneer Andrew Ng Joins Amazon’s Board Amid AI Expansion

The AI trailblazer and skeptic of existential risk from AI will help guide Amazon's growing generative AI services.

This article originally appeared on AI Business.

Google Brain co-founder and pioneering AI researcher Andrew Ng has joined Amazon’s board of directors as the company continues to expand its AI efforts.

Ng, who is also a professor at Stanford University and the managing general partner of AI Fund, joined the board effective April 9.

Amazon said Ng’s presence on the company’s board would help inform its understanding of “opportunities and challenges that AI presents and its transformative social and business potential.”

“Ng has authored or co-authored more than 200 research papers on machine learning, robotics, and other related fields, bringing deep insight into a range of emerging technologies,” an Amazon announcement read. “We seek to have appropriate experience and perspectives at all levels of the company, including our Board of Directors, and we’re excited to welcome Ng.”

Ng’s extensive AI work includes forming Google Brain, the precursor to Google DeepMind, alongside other AI luminaries like Jeff Dean. 

Under Ng and team, Google Brain carried out deep learning research efforts that led to breakthroughs like the creation of TensorFlow, an open source library for machine learning and AI that contains a variety of resources including training tools and items to help with model deployments.

He also co-founded Coursera, an open online course provider before joining Baidu, China’s answer to Google. As the company’s chief scientist, Ng led research efforts on AI, including the creation of the company’s voice assistant platform DeurOS.

Ng is among the AI luminaries who do not believe AI poses an existential threat to humanity. Appearing on a panel at this year’s CES, Ng likened the impact of AI to electricity and said it could offer trillions of dollars of potential for businesses.

The appointment of Ng to the Amazon board of directors comes as the company steps up its AI efforts. Amazon recently invested $4 billion in large language model developer Anthropic, offering enterprise customers access to powerful AI models through its Bedrock platform.

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