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10 Ways to Improve Enterprise Workflow with AI and Automation

Not only can AI and automation technology change the world, but it can also change how you get through the workday — for the better.

In 2020, organizations had to make difficult decisions about spending — but amid the turmoil of a pandemic and economic recession, many businesses continued to invest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation.

Much of the hype around these technologies focuses on their industry-shifting — even world-changing — potential. However, tools with capabilities such as intelligent automation can also be integrated into the everyday activities of an enterprise.

Taken on their own, changes like automating invoice reconciliation or filtering through irrelevant promotional inquiries may not seem earth-shattering. But when AI and ML optimize workflow across every department, in a variety of small but timesaving ways, the larger potential becomes clear.

Here are 10 ways that AI and automation can improve enterprise workflow.

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