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Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Release Candidate Overview and Screens

While I'll be writing up a full review of Windows Home Server (WHS) Power Pack 1 (PP1) when the final version ships later this summer, I thought you'd be interested in a few screenshots of this major update, which recently shipped in a near-final, release candidate (RC) version. PP1 adds a number of improvements to Windows Home Server, including (among other things):

Windows Home Server Connector Enhancements. WHS now supports Windows Vista x64 clients. Previously, only 32-bit Windows versions could install the Connector software.

Home Server Data Backup. It is now possible to backup WHS shared folders to external hard drives.

Remote Access Enhancements. Shared files can now be viewed via your WHS Web site using two view styles, details and icons. In icons view, images will be displayed as thumbnails. Users with IE 6/7 will see improved file uploading.

Home Computer Backup Enhancements. PC backup is more reliable and Vista SP1 machines are correctly identified in the console. (They were previously identified as Longhorn Server.) XP Media Center PCs are also correctly identified.

Server Storage and Shared Folders Enhancements. The infamous WHS data corruption bug has been fixed. Windows Home Server shared folders now support very long file paths (over 240 characters, the previous limit.)

Media Sharing Enhancements. Windows Media Player-based playlists that point to media files stored on a home server should now play correctly via Windows Media Connect when these playlists are copied over to a home server and then shared via WHS media sharing.

Other Enhancements. Processor power management is now enabled by default. And the WHS console will run reliably even when a poorly-written Add-on is installed.

Of these, only Home Server Data Backup is a major new feature, so here are some shots showing how this is implemented in the WHS console. Basically, when you add any type of storage now, you're asked whether you'd like it to be used as part of the general server storage or for server backup. There's also a shot showing off the new thumbnail view in Web-based remote access.

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