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Try the Windows Phone UI on Your iPhone or Android Handset

Attention, iPhone and Android users: Windows Phone is better than what you're using. But now you don't have to take my word for it, you can find out for yourself by trying a decent web-based Windows Phone simulator on your own phone. You're going to have a hard time going back.

Released with absolutely no fanfare--I guess the point was for this to spread by word of mouth--the Windows Phone demo site lets you run a reasonable approximation of Windows Phone inside of your phone's HTML 5-based web browser. This Windows Phone experience is pre-populated with data, so you can get the feel for how it works in the real world, and even supports taps and swipes.


A good portion of Windows Phone is in there, including all the major hubs and apps, and you can view photos, listen to music, read email (which will make you want to shoot your own mobile email dead), and perform other Windows Phone goodness you've only dreamed of 'til now. There are even some handy tap hints so you can start thinking outside the box: Don't worry, Microsoft seems to be saying, we know your phone is lame, so you've forgotten how good this can be.

The only bad part of this demo is that you have to go back to your static grid of icons when you're done. Have fun with that.

Thanks to everyone that wrote in about this. You're right, it is pretty awesome.

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