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New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ads

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ads

Two new ads continue pushing cool new Galaxy S4 features

If you enjoyed the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 advertisement, Graduation Pool Party, you should check out these two equally effective new ads. They will begin airing on TV this week.

Check out Effective New Samsung Ad Pushes Features that iPhone Lacks for a look at the Graduation Pool Party ad.

As with the original Galaxy S4 ad, these new ads combine compelling and unique new Galaxy S4 features with a dose of humor, and are quite effective. But where the first ad jumped through a sequence of features, these ads each hone in on a single new feature. Smart.

Grad Photo

This ad shows off the new Eraser Shot feature, which lets you remove unwanted items from a photo, in this case a clown who photo bombs a graduation event.

Easy Mode

This ad, back at the pool party, explains a new Easy Mode feature that makes the phone so simple even an iPhone user can handle it.

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