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Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android Hero Shot Microsoft

Microsoft Edge Mobile Browser Released for iOS and Android

After less than two months in preview, Microsoft is making its Windows 10 web browser available for all users on iOS and Android.

In its continued effort to provide users a seamless experience between their Windows 10 systems and mobile handset of choice, Microsoft is releasing the new mobile version of the Edge browser to users on iOS and Android.

These apps provide connectivity from that mobile handset to Windows 10 devices that use the same Microsoft Account. Those who are already using Microsoft Edge on their Windows 10 devices will find familiar features such as Favorites, Reading View, plus Roaming Passwords between desktop and mobile devices.

The big feature Microsoft is touting about the mobile version of Edge is that it has a built-in capability to easily share content you are viewing on your mobile handset to one of your Windows 10 devices. There are two options available:

  1. Send the link to a PC to open immediately
  2. Send a link to your Action Center to continue later

While this is not the Windows Timeline feature we are expecting to see in the next Insider build of Redstone 4, it does play a role in enabling that connectivity between devices so activity can be shared and resumed on any device and at anytime.

The initial release of Microsoft Edge for iOS is in the US (English), China (Simplified-Chinese), France (French), and UK (English) markets. Android users will find it available in those locations and Australia (English), Canada (English and French), and India (English). Microsoft says it is working on getting Microsoft Edge Mobile into more markets and languages.

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