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April 2002 T-SQL Tutor Project

Download the Code iconTo test this article's syntax, find the commented script file,  NTableOuterJoinsExamples.sql, using the "Download the Code" icon. In addition, each article includes a small homework assignment to help you continue to improve your T-SQL syntax. You can find the answers in the NTableOuterJoinsHomework.sql script.

Applying the tools and tips I gave you in this article, write queries that use the Northwind sample database to answer the following questions:

  1. Which customers have purchased beverages? For this query, list the order date, the customer name, and the beverage name.
  2. Change the query from Question 1 to show all beverage products regardless of whether they've been ordered. Does the number of rows in the result set change? Why or why not?
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