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Today, I got a request to appear on the Amiga Roundtable Podcast. I am all over this, as the Amiga still represents, to me, the apex of computing, and is still central to my happiest computer memories. Actually, I've got so many Amiga memories to share, those guys are never going to get me to shut up. :)

That said, I am out of touch with what's going on in the Amiga community these days so I started looking around. And I discovered something wonderful. About a month ago, started offering 12 classic Amiga games--some by Cinemaware--for just $4.99. There are definitely some worth checking out, including the classics "Wings," "It Came From the Desert" and "Sinbad." Wings, especially, is a fond, fond memory.

Classic stuff. I'll link to the podcast whenever it happens. I can't wait.

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