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With New ThinkSystem & ThinkAgile, Lenovo Expands Data Center Portfolio


​The Lenovo Transform Keynote is being livestreamed at beginning at 10:00 AM Eastern Time on 20 June 2017.


Today in New York City during the companies Transform event, Lenovo announced what they are calling their largest ever end-to-end data center solution with the addition of the ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile data center solutions to their company portfolio.

“Today’s announcements mark a significant day in the next phase of Lenovo’s commitment to advancing the data center customer experience,” said Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Data Center Group. “Our leadership in x86 server customer satisfaction and x86 server reliability, along with these new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile brands, and Lenovo’s new portfolio of data center solutions represent the most reliable, most agile, and highest performing data center solutions in the industry. We are confident we can empower our customers to solve their most challenging business problems and become digital disrupters in their own industries.”

The ThinkSystem equipment is one brand across the entire data center's hardware consisting of servers, storage, and networking systems while the ThinkAgile is a new approach that uses software-defined solutions to address the changing needs of IT and reducing complexity and costs.

These new Lenovo data center solutions focus on three key areas:


Often, customers find the price for technological advancement and advanced IT capabilities is complexity and confusion. The new ThinkSystem portfolio of servers, storage and networking solutions allows customers to address these concerns by giving them the ability to streamline IT infrastructure; this leads to increased service levels of data center operations that tie directly to business growth. At the same time, we believe customers shouldn’t have to choose between certain technologies for fear of vendor lock-in or the inability to scale technology as workloads change. We engineered the ThinkSystem portfolio to work seamlessly with an organization’s previous investments, without the need to completely re-architect the data center. Customers can start fresh, without starting over. ThinkSystem combines the best of the Systemx from IBM heritage with the Lenovo ThinkServer franchise into a single solution built on a history of more than 150 worldwide record x86 server benchmarks: number one in customer satisfaction and number one in reliability.

Agility and Flexibility

In today’s competitive environment, customers must quickly use datadriven, actionable insights to refine applications and the customer experience will be paramount to today’s businesses as they strive to uncover new competitive advantages in an increasingly crowded market. With the Lenovo ThinkAgile portfolio, integrated solutions adapt to these changing IT and business needs by delivering the speed, simplified management and agility of cloud services while retaining the much-valued control and governance of on-premises IT. Its preintegrated, pre-built and pre-tested offerings deliver robust new capabilities to customers’ data center, including automated lifecycle management, decreased TCO and reduced need for IT resources to maintain the platform. These solutions include the ThinkAgile SX series for Microsoft Azure Stack, as well as the ThinkAgile SX rack level solutions that integrate networking with hyperconverged offerings for a seamless customer experience. And because Lenovo is not encumbered by legacy network and storage solutions, customers have the confidence that they can move full-speed ahead on software-defined, while seamlessly integrating with their legacy investments.

Future-Proofed Preparation

With the pace of technology innovation continuing to accelerate, customers will increasingly require the flexibility to adjust to changes and ensure the infrastructure they implement today stays relevant for their future needs. We designed the ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions, such as the ThinkSystem SD530 high-performance computing offering to support workloads spanning large data analytics applications to high performance computing, artificial intelligence and the largest hyperscale environments.

These new systems will be available this summer.

Note: The author ​was provided transportation and accommodations by Lenovo to attend Transform in New York City for these announcements.



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