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60 Million ThinkPads

18 years later, Lenovo announces that it (along with IBM, I suppose) has now sold 60 million ThinkPad portable computers.

This month we will sell our 60 millionth ThinkPad. What better day to mark this milestone, than the day (October 5th) we officially celebrate the birth of ThinkPad. 18 years ago today, the ThinkPad 700c was introduced to the world. I think today is the perfect time to stop and reflect on some of the milestone ThinkPads and technical innovations we have brought to market. Here is a short video we created about where we started, where we are, and where we are going. Get ready, the future is bright.

Some factoids from the press release:

More than 14 ThinkPad laptops are now sold every 60 seconds.

Lenovo is now the fastest-growing major PC company.

ThinkPad has recorded many ground-breaking innovation firsts - like the first spill resistant keyboard and protective roll cage. Other famous firsts include:

  • First modern laptop to fly in space
  • First with a spill-resistant keyboard
  • First with built-in CD-ROM
  • First with built-in DVD-ROM
  • First with built-in wireless
  • First with embedded security subsystem
  • First with built-in fingerprint reader
  • First dual screen mobile workstation

In celebration of this milestone, Lenovo is rewarding customers with a Customer Appreciation Event featuring up to 15 percent discounted pricing on select ThinkPad models purchased in the U.S. The promotion begins today and runs through Oct. 8.

I do use ThinkPads and and recommend  them very highly. When it comes to portable computers, there is ThinkPad and then there is everything else.

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