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Is 360's Red Ring of Death finally fixed? Actually, probably not

I’ll believe it when I (don’t) see it, but CVG reports that Microsoft may have finally fixed its endemic Red Ring of Death (RROD) problems. Hey, the console’s only been out for three years.

New Xbox 360 models have been spotted using upgraded components, said to make the infamous Red Ring of Death a thing of the past.

The newest 360s are fitted with new 'Jasper' motherboards, says a report on Joey Gadget, as well as a new and improved graphics chip.

The upgraded components are smaller and emit less heat, according to the techies, which in turn should mean no more red lights on your 360, and less postman visits to send your console off to Xbox repairs.

The question, of course, is … is this even true? Looking at the comments section to the linked Joey Gadget site … probably not. Ah well.

Having recently purchased a 60 GB Xbox 360, I was however curious to see if it fell within the supposed range of Jasper-equipped systems mentioned above. It does not.

Thanks Sebastian V.

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