Top 10 IT Operations & Management Stories of 2023

ITPro Today's most-read programming IT operations and management stories in 2023 include guides and survey results to help IT workers further their careers.

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January 15, 2024

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Despite layoffs at some of the largest tech companies in 2023, tech jobs dominated the top of the 2023 best jobs list, according to an Indeed report.

Many of our top 10 most-read stories in Operations & Management provided readers with information on and guides to obtaining further skills and getting started in new IT careers. Articles also covered survey results offering insights into work-life balance, salary, and job satisfaction in the industry.

1. Gartner Predicts Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2024

At its October IT Symposium in Florida, Gartner announced its list of the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2024. This article explores these trends, which are democratized generative AI; AI trust, risk, and security management; AI-augmented development; intelligent applications; augmented-connected workforce; continuous threat exposure management; machine customers; sustainable technology; platform engineering; and industry cloud platforms.

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2.Comprehensive Guide to What a DevOps Engineer Does

DevOps is an approach to software development and management that emphasizes collaboration between software developers and IT operations teams. In this article, Christoper Tozzi explains the role of a DevOps engineer and how to become one.

3. Is Platform Engineering the Future of DevOps or Just a Passing Trend?

Platform engineering has emerged as a significant trend in DevOps, aiming to give developers inside an organization easy access to the tools and services they need to be productive. This article explores platform engineering's uses and best practices and looks at the potential of its longevity in DevOps teams.

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4.Traditional IT Roles Are Declining: Here's How IT Engineers Must Respond

The IT landscape is evolving: IT roles are declining as traditional IT skill sets alone have become insufficient for many of the responsibilities of the modern IT operations engineer. Christopher Tozzi explores how engineers can respond and adapt to this changing environment.

5.ITPro Today's 2023 Salary Survey Report

ITPro Today's 2023 Salary Survey gathered information from 375 full-time IT professionals across a range of roles and industries. The key takeaways here include insight into salaries, job satisfaction, cybersecurity and IT operations professionals, gender equity, and age. Read the full free report here.

6.IT Acronyms: A Cheat Sheet for IT Pros

The IT industry is full of acronyms and abbreviations. Our cheat sheet provides a comprehensive overview of industry terms and definitions to help IT pros navigate the sea of tricky terms they need to understand to do their jobs effectively.

7.Advanced Linux User Management: A Guide for IT Pros

Linux provides a comprehensive suite of user management tools that give precise control over resource access while ensuring system integrity and security. Download our free guide to the system here — the information provided offers step-by-step tutorials to help you become proficient in Linux user management.

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8.Computer Science vs. Software Engineering: A Guide to Choosing the Best Career Path

While skills involved in the field of computer science and software engineering overlap considerably, there are important distinctions. If you're looking to choose the best career path for you, this guide explains the similarities and differences between the computer science and software engineering roles.

9. Soft Skills Play Significant Role in Success of IT Professionals

IT professionals should stay on top of their training and develop their soft skills to succeed in the industry. Business Name Generator's "Future of Soft Skills in the Workplace" survey unveiled the skills IT and telecom employees and businesses most valued in 2023: Communication and problem-solving were top, with time management and critical thinking third, followed by self-motivation and attention to detail. Read more about the importance of soft skills here.

10. How to Become a Site Reliability Engineer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Site reliability engineers (SREs) play a key role in the IT operations of many businesses today and are also the highest-paid members of IT organizations. If you're interested in a career in reliability engineering, this guide provides you with information on how to get started, what skills you'll need, and what the SRE role entails.

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