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Salary Survey
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ITPro Today's 2023 Salary Survey Report

Our survey of IT professionals’ compensation, training, and job satisfaction reveals some surprising results about how IT pros see their jobs today – and what they need to do their job better.

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Between the pay, the flexibility, and the job opportunities, it's a good time to be an IT professional. In fact, tech jobs dominate the top of the list of best jobs of 2023, according to an Indeed report — that's in spite of the recent spate of layoffs at some of the largest tech companies. And while the money is good, that's not what matters most to IT professionals, according to ITPro Today's 2023 Salary Survey, which found that overall work-life balance is more important than base pay.

That’s just one of the many insights we gathered. To identify both the realities and desires of IT professionals in regard to all aspects of their jobs, ITPro Today surveyed 375 full-time IT professionals in a range of roles and across a range of industries.

Here are some of the key takeaways from ITPro Today's 2023 Salary Survey results:

  • Compensation: IT salaries are on the rise, as the mean compensation increased from $144,000 to $151,000 in 2022, and around 68% of IT professionals reported receiving a raise last year.
  • Job satisfaction: IT workers want more than just a paycheck, prioritizing work-life balance over salary.
  • Cybersecurity professionals: Cybersecurity pros continue to play highly valued roles in their organizations — and they are being well-compensated for their work.
  • IT operations professionals: ITOps pros have too much work to complete in a normal workweek.
  • Gender equity: Problems around gender equity continue to persist in the tech industry.
  • Age: Younger IT professionals may be more satisfied than older IT pros at work, but they don't feel their work is as valued as do their older peers.

If you are an IT professional or their manager, this 2023 salary survey report is a valuable resource that will help you assess how you stack up against your peers and, for IT managers, how you can incentivize IT workers to join or remain with your team.

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