Top 10 IT Career Stories of 2023

ITPro Today's most-read IT career stories in 2023 provide IT professionals with information and instructions to advance their careers.

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January 1, 2024

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2023 has seen the IT careers market slow slightly, as layoffs from some of the world's largest tech companies began to take effect. However, demand remained high for experienced IT professionals, especially in the areas of AI/data science and cybersecurity.

Our top 10 career stories of 2023 cover these developments and examine how prospective professionals can kickstart their careers in areas like DevOps and software development or further development with the help of certain soft skills.

1.Comprehensive Guide to What a DevOps Engineer Does

DevOps is an approach to software development and management that emphasizes collaboration between software developers and IT operations teams. Learn about DevOps engineers — who they are, what they do, and which skills they have — in this article, which also offers tips for starting a DevOps career.

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2. Lack of LLM Developers Impacting AI Ecosystem

Large language models are the engines driving the generative AI tools being put out into the market. Demand for LLM developers is growing, but developers require a large skill set and are, therefore, hard to come by. This article takes a look at this multifaceted issue.

3.ITPro Today's 2023 Salary Survey Report

According to our survey, overall work-life balance is more important to IT professionals than base pay. Read about other insights into IT professionals' job satisfaction, compensation, and training in our survey report.

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4.What Is a Software Developer and What's the Best Way to Become One?

Software development can make for a great career, and there are many ways to get started in the industry. This article guides you through the basics of what software development is, how to obtain the relevant training, and tips for the job application process.

5.Computer Science vs. Software Engineering: A Guide to Choosing the Best Career Path

While software engineering and computer science do have areas of overlap, there are key differences that you should consider when deciding on a career between the two. This guide can help you understand which path is right for you.

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6.IT Acronyms: A Cheat Sheet for IT Pros

The IT industry is full of acronyms and abbreviations. Our cheat sheet provides a comprehensive overview of industry terms and definitions to help IT pros navigate the sea of tricky terms they need to understand to do their jobs effectively.

7.Tech Job Market Cools, Demand Still Robust

In light of layoffs from some of the largest tech companies this year, the IT job market has cooled slightly, with the number of professionals employed by tech companies down by 11,184 positions. However, research also indicates that there are still not enough workers, and demand remains high in certain sectors. Read more about the job market landscape in this article.

8.IT Salary Outlook Grim as Economic Turbulence, Generative AI Impact Tech Pros

There has been a decrease in demand and salaries for junior IT professionals in the face of economic turbulence, high inflation, and generative AI adoption. Demand for experienced engineers, especially in cybersecurity, data, and machine learning, remains high. Read more about these trends here.

9.What IT Soft Skills Tech Talent Scouts Look for in Job Candidates

Soft skills are crucial to any IT professional looking to kickstart or progress their career. A recent study indicates that communication, problem-solving, and project management are particularly important. The fact that these skills came out on top reflects the collaborative, fast-paced nature of the field.

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10.Seattle, Austin, Boston Best Metro Areas for STEM Professionals

This article explores the best and worst areas to live in for STEM professionals looking to work in a large city. The findings are from a report that compared 100 of the biggest metro areas across 21 key metrics, including per capita job openings for STEM graduates and median wage growth for STEM professionals. Seattle came out on top, followed by Texas startup hub Austin and Boston in third place.

What IT career trends impacted you most in 2023? Let us know in the comments!

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