Would you rather be a SharePoint administrator or a World Cup referee?

My shameless pandering to SEO-friendly terms continues.... Though in a week, I should change out "World Cup referee" to "motorcycle cameraman on the Tour De France" and see where this entry turns up.

Seriously though, or semi so, we ran a Would You Rather** poll and here are the results:

Would you rather...
upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to 2010
"upgrade" from nothing to SharePoint 2010
be a World Series Baseball umpire
be a World Cup referee
have this editor get you an article about SharePoint search
have this editor get you an article about SharePoint branding***

**Would You Rather is a game more commonly played by my family when the Internet goes down and Grandma M. gets sick of everyone watching football. We gather at the long walnut dining table and answer such questions as "Would you rather ... put your hand in a Mason jar full of brown recluse spiders or be suspended in the ocean in a shark cage with a bucket of chum and your foot sticking out of the bars?"

*** I'm kind of surprised about the SharePoint branding, but I couldn't very well run a poll with "or an article about SharePoint archiving, or an article about hosted SharePoint, or an article about BCS and SharePoint, or an article about RBS and SharePoint." Though I wouldn't be averse to acquiring one of the above from a SharePoint expert, if I could be SURE at least ONE PERSON would read it. (Besides his/her spouse and me and Toby, the SharePoint admin we are following in another blog post.)

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