Troubleshooter: Logging on to OWA with Only a Username

My users currently have to log on to Outlook Web Access (OWA) with domain\username. I want to let them log on with only a username. Can I eliminate the domain and use just a username and password for logon?

Yes. Whether you run OWA 2000 or OWA 5.5, Microsoft IIS authenticates the user's credentials. You must tell IIS to assume a default domain instead of requiring that the user provide a domain name. (For instructions about how to configure the new logon process, see the Microsoft article "How to Authenticate a User Against All Trusted Domains" at;en-us;q168908.) Of course, if you use OWA 2000, users can also log on with their user principal names (UPNs)—such as [email protected]—which resolves the domain problem neatly.

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