Microsoft Ends 2014 with a New Patch for Windows 8.1

Microsoft Ends 2014 with a New Patch for Windows 8.1

Can this year's patching woes just end already? I feel that way and I know the majority of you do, too. Microsoft seems to forget that as much grief as it has gotten over the last year for botched patch releases, it actually affects its customers on a much grander scale. Some might say Microsoft has been irresponsible in its QA processes, and there's a very valid argument to be made to the accuracy of that statement.

But, what would a month-end be without an unannounced update releasing? Why end the year with anything different than status quo?

And, such is the case. Microsoft has released a new update for a problem that has plagued some Windows 8.1 users for a while where the computer crashes when coming out of wakeup or after restart.

The update is part of a new Knowledge Base article aptly titled: System crashes after you restart or wake up the computer in Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1

In the list of steps that causes the crashes are a couple that might make you chuckle:

  • You set up a Windows image file (WIM file) that is larger than 4 gigabytes (GB) on a device that is running an x86-based version of Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1.
  • You plug a power cord into the device.
  • You enable BitLocker Drive Encryption to encrypt the data of the device.
  • You put the device into sleep mode.
  • You try to restart or wake up the device.

Yep…just plugging in the power cord could cause your system to crash.

I'm holding out hope that Microsoft can fix it broken update release process in 2015, but only a little.


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