How Soon Will You Roll Windows 8.1 Out in Your Organization?

How Soon Will You Roll Windows 8.1 Out in Your Organization?

With Windows 8.1 released to the masses and favorable reports starting to roll in, you have to wonder a bit if the revamped OS is enough to turn the heads of business and IT Pros.

Windows 8.1 brings a number of new features to the original OS release that might just make more sense in a business setting. Honestly, the original Windows 8 release was less about business and more about consumers which caused a lot of grief for IT Pros, and eventually caused a lot of grief for Microsoft and adoption of the OS release.

Microsoft has taken the harsh criticism for Windows 8 and delivered updates that make Windows 8.1 a much better operating system for business use.

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With that in mind, we'd like to hear about your plans for potentially rolling out Windows 8.1 in your organization. Take the quick survey below and let us know.

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