Gates: NT is best platform for publishing

The morning after launching IE 4.0, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates gave a keynote address at the Seybold conference, preaching Windows NT. Gates said that NT 5.0 features such as Plug and Play, IIS 4.0, and IntelliMirror, when combined with IE 4.0 features such as Dynamic HTML and XML, made Windows NT 5.0 the most attractive Web publishing platform. Gates said NT 5.0 would ship "in the first half of 1998."

Gates was realistic about most publishing shops having a mixed Macintosh and PC environment, however, and mentioned that Microsoft has a dedicated Mac team working on IE 4.0 and Office 98 for the Macintosh. The audience, which was generally made up of Web and print publishers (read: largely Macintosh) was generally receptive to Gates' message (read: he didn't get booed)

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