Follow-up on Windows 98 problems

As reported earlier, this is the sort of snafu that occurs when millions of people upgrade to a new operating system: In addition to the PC card problems reported last week, major PC manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq, Toshiba, and Gateway are advising their customers to make sure that their PCs are compatible with the new OS before upgrading. While the latest PCs are likely to upgrade without a hitch, older computers may need BIOS upgrades or new hardware before the upgrade can successfully complete. Check your PC manufacturer's Web site for details. Interestingly, I just today received my Windows 98 upgrade from Dell Computer and it included a separate CD of drivers and patches, as well as a program that would determine whether my computer needed upgrading (it didn't). That's a nice feature, but don't expect it from every manufacturer.

To follow-up on the PC Card issue, I have actually gotten a few emails from people who have experienced the problem (where Windows 98 doesn't detect PC cards until they are removed and reinstalled). Because of the nature of the problem, many users don't discover the work-around for hours (hell, Windows 98 should work with any PC Card, right?).


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