Expect Steve Jobs to become CEO of Apple

Based on comments made this week, it is pretty safe to assume that prodigal son Steve Jobs will remain at Apple Computer as its permanent CEO. Speaking at a multimedia conference hosted by Macromedia, Jobs pushed Apple's QuickTime technology, spoke about his plans for Apple, and let slip that he was actually considering running the show full-time.

When asked when he was going to drop the term "interim" from his title, Jobs replied he was soon going to Hawaii on vacation and would "take a while to think about it." This is in sharp contrast to previous statements he's made about the position, where he has always maintained that he was not interested in leading Apple.

The official story at Apple Computer is less revealing.

"Steve Jobs is our interim CEO," said an Apple spokesperson. "We are continuing our search for a CEO."

I suspect Jobs will come back from Hawaii with some good news for Apple fans. Stay tuned

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