Syncfusion’s Essential Studio Version 4.3 Released

Syncfusion s Essential Studio Version 4.3 Released

Syncfusion announced Essential Studio Version 4.3, the latest update to its line of ASP.NET and Windows Forms components for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developers. This release includes updates to Essential Tools, Essential Chart, Essential DocIO, Essential XlsIO, Essential HTMLUI, and Essential Grid, and focuses on enhancements within the ASP.NET line of products.

 Updates Essential Tools for ASP.NET include Side-by-Side installation support, which allows for the installation or deployment of multiple versions of 1.1 framework-compatible assemblies on the same server. All resources for Syncfusion controls are now, by default, loaded from a virtual directory automatically scoped by the product version. There is also Custom Client Object ID support that lets developers specify their own friendly names for a control s client object instance. This feature provides easy access to that object in JavaScript code. In addition, Mozilla support has been updated across controls, and there is new frames support in Menus that allow them to be shown over any IFrame instance.

 Updates have been made to the ASP.NET TabStrip control in Essential Tools 4.3. Hierarchical TabStrips are supported, and they allow for the creation of menu-like hierarchical tab structures. There is also scrolling support in TabStrip, allowing users to scroll to bring hidden tabs into view. New TabStrip ItemLook properties are supported, which allow for customization of the look-and-feel of the tab strips. Separator properties allow for the easy creation of overlapping tab strips, and new ClientSide Events support in TabStrip lets developers implement client-side features.

 Essential Tools for ASP.NET TreeView includes a new Drag and Drop feature that allows developers to drag and drop nodes within the same tree or across different tree controls. The ability to associate ContextMenus with individual nodes in TreeView has also been added, and there are new Transition effects that can be set on NodeExpand and NodeCollapse. New ItemLook properties for TreeView let you customize the look and feel of the tree control, and enhanced support for hover effects includes the ability to change left and right images on MouseHover, individual nodes can now be disabled, and individual tree node text can be edited.

 Essential Tools for ASP.NET also includes integrated UploadBox and UploadProgress controls. They allow single or concurrent multiple file uploads. A new control, WaitingPopup, lets you show a popup with a waiting image over your forms to create user friendly pages, and it also allows for portions of the UI to be disabled during this state.

 Essential Grid for ASP.NET has new support for binding to XmlDataSources and support for binding to business objects. Enhanced support for scrollbars while in callback mode is also included.

 Essential Chart has support for CMYK color, and includes instructions on how to convert RBG color to CMYK color. Support for straight-line type legend representation for Line and Spline charts has been added. Line, Spline, and StepLine charts can be customized to use dashed lines. Support for grouping of axes labels has been added, which allows for customizing the axes labels into multiple rows.

 Essential Chart for ASP.NET has new events with support for Region and AllMouse. Zooming and scrolling support has also been added. There is a simple API for exporting the displaying chart into several file formats (png, jpg, gif, emf, etc.). Essential Chart for ASP.NET also has improved support for displaying in Mozilla.

 Essential DocIO has new support for inserting page borders in documents and for setting document page sizes. The functionality for setting the document view layout options has been added in this version. There is now support for choosing a document s Zoom settings and support for displaying page numbers in a document. Right-to-left text is supported, and the table formatting feature has been enhanced with support for vertical and horizontal merging.

 Essential XlsIO has several new features in Version 4.3, as well, including AutoSizingCommentsBox, which allows the developer to programmatically add comments and AutoFit them so that the entire comment is displayed to the user. The ability to compose and read text in the Header and Footer has also been added, and there is new support for charts that have TemplateMarkers as the DataSource. This feature allows for the insertion of charts into the Template Spreadsheets and for setting their DataSource as TemplateMarkers. The TemplateMarkers are dynamically replaced by data at run time, and the chart is refreshed based on the newly added data.

 For additional details on Essential Studio 4.3 s new features and enhancements, visit Information about Syncfusion Essential Studio s support for Visual Studio 2005 is available at


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