Microsoft's Outlook Premium Service Expands to Six New Countries

Microsoft's Outlook Premium Service Expands to Six New Countries

Just in time to take advantage of discounted pricing that is expiring next week, it has been discovered that Microsoft has expanded the availability for their Premium Mail service to six additional countries.

You might recall that this service, which allows you to have a customized email domain and up to five personalized email addresses, began testing in early 2016 with a limited audience which then expanded last October to include anyone in the United States.

Then in February of this year the preview label was removed from the service bit it was still a U.S. only offering and much to the chagrin of Microsoft's global customer base on

Check out our hands on for signing up, configuring and inviting others to the Premium service

Interestingly enough, the addition of six new countries did not come from a Microsoft announcement but instead was discovered by the folks over at MSPoweruser.

The six new countries include:

- Canada

- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

- Singapore

- Australia

- Hong Kong

- Ireland

As mentioned earlier, it appears the discounted pricing for this service, which is being offered as a promotion for new customers, is also available for customers who sign up for the service from these six new countries.

The service allows you to use a custom domain for your email account, you can use your own or get one from Microsoft for $10 per year, plus you can have up to five personalized email accounts on each domain. These email accounts can all be used by you or you can choose to invite others to use one of those addresses.

This subscription service also means you can access your premium email account in an ad free web interface or you can set up any popular email program to access it on your device.

What is great about these personalized email accounts is they are also aliases for your account and that means they can be used as Microsoft Accounts to access all of your Microsoft related services and subscriptions. This includes, Xbox Live, Groove Music, and Skype.


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