PASS Call for Speakers to end soon

The 2006 PASS Community Summit is going to be big and better than ever before.  The event is set for November 14-17 in Seattle.  For one thing, attendance last year set new records and this year is on track to blow those numbers out.  Another thing to consider is that any time we hold the PASS Summit in Seattle, we get literally hundreds of additional attendees - all of them being developers, testers, writers, and managers for the SQL Server product line.  What better way to stump for your favorite new features or seek help with a problem than to talk with the people who actually coded the part of the product suite in question?

There will be lots of other highly-regarded SQL Server professionals, speakers, authors, MVPs and members of the Microsoft team serving as speakers. If you're feeling brave, then I strongly encourage you to submit an abstract or three for the conference before the deadline for submissions, April 28, passes.

Why speak?  There are lots of reasons, but I'll tell you a couple that come to the top of my head.  First, you get the conference cost comp'ed.  (That's the reason I first started speaking at conferences - so I could get in free.  Mercenary, I know.  But that was the only way to make my IT training budget stretch far enough.)  Second, it's great exposure and you get to meet lots of interesting people. Third, it really helps you prove what you know and, as you prepare, bolster your knowledge.  Third and finally, it can lead to other great opportunities such as writing for the various SQL Server magazines and websites.

So give it a try and pitch in.  Users helping other users is what it's all about.



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