Why does my RAS client have the wrong subnet mask, etc.?

A. The only parameter from DHCP that the RAS client uses is the IP address. Other parameters come as follows:

The subnet mask is that used by the NIC in the workstation, if fitted. IPCONFIG shows the mask as being the default mask for the class of IP address in use but this is irrelevant. MS used to display it as which is clearly wrong, but the default is more subtly wrong. If there is no NIC in the client, then the subnet mask is irrelevant as all traffic is passed through the dial-up connection.

The default router is displayed as the same as the address of the client RAS interface. What is actually used as default router is the RAS server itself.

WINS server addresses and DNS server addresses for use by the client similarly do not come from the parameters set on the DHCP server but instead are those used by the RAS server itself.

Node Type is not taken from the DHCP parameters but can change on the RAS client depending on WINS information. If the RAS server has no WINS servers defined locally, a b-node Windows NT RAS client will remain a b-node client. If the RAS server has WINS servers defined locally, a b-node Windows NT RAS client will switch to h-node for the duration of the connection.

More information can be found in knowledge base article Q160699 at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q160/6/99.asp

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