Terminal Server's Application Compatibility Scripts

Many developers didn't design their Windows applications with multiuser Windows in mind. Therefore, these applications behave incorrectly during setup or, in some cases, when launched by more than one user concurrently during multiple terminal server sessions. Microsoft performed extensive compatibility testing on the most popular titles, and subsequently developed a set of application scripts that correct minor incompatibilities. In many cases, applications create files that you do not want to share globally but that you want each terminal session user to have.

The history, cookie, and temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer (IE) 3.0 are good examples. By default, IE stores these files in the shared %systemroot% directory. The Application Compatibility Script for IE 3.x changes these items' directories so that they point to the user's home directory, and thus are no longer shared.

Microsoft supplies Application Compatibility Scripts for each of the following applications:

Corel Office 7 Microsoft Exchange 5.0 Microsoft Project 95
Corel Office 8 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x Microsoft Project 98
Executive Software Diskeeper 2.0 Microsoft ODBC Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0
Lotus Smart Suite 97 Microsoft Office 4.3 Microsoft SNA Client 4.0
Microsoft Access 2.0 Microsoft Office 95 Microsoft SNA Server 3.0
Microsoft Access 7.0 Microsoft Office 97 Microsoft SNA Server 4.0
Microsoft Access 97 Microsoft Outlook 97 Microsoft Word 6.0
Microsoft Dr. Watson Microsoft Outlook 98 Microsoft Word 7.0
Microsoft Excel 5.0 Microsoft Outlook Express Microsoft Word 97
Microsoft Excel 7.0 Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 Netscape Communicator 4.x
Microsoft Excel 97 Microsoft PowerPoint 7.0 Netscape Navigator 3.x
Microsoft Exchange 4.0 Microsoft PowerPoint 97  
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