Q. I'm a boss who tricked my workers into adding me as Xbox Live friends. How can I spy on them when they're "working" from home to make sure they're not playing Xbox?

A. One of the great features of the Xbox and its online service is the integration with the xbox.com website. It lets you easily see all your Xbox friends. It can be abused by mean bosses to quickly, in table form, see the last time the friends were on XBOX and what they were doing. Just perform the following:

  1. Go to www.xbox.com and select "Sign In" in the top right of the xbox.com site.
  2. Sign in with the Live ID associated with your XBox Live ID.
  3. Click on your own profile.
  4. Select View All Friends under Friends.
  5. You can see who's online, who's offline, when they were last online, and what everyone is or was doing.

Xbox Live friend tracking

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