PRODUCTS: Sonance Tuner Is Three Times As Fun

You like rap but your partner loves 80s tunes. Sonance has a new tuner that could be your next great investment. The Sonance Trio Triple Tuner is an AM/FM tuner that lets you play as many as three different stations simultaneously over the same audio system. So, your partner can listen to The Cure in the basement while you listen to 50 Cent in the kitchen.

Some other features stand out about this new product. For instance, it has Radio Data System (RDS) technology that lets you search for stations by format or call letters instead of frequency. The tuner has two coaxial FM antenna connectors so you can connect to an outdoor aerial as well as radio services delivered by cable or Digital Satellite System (DSS). Also handy are the tuner's 45 station presets and rear-panel serial and network controller connections. The Trio Triple Tuner retails for $850 and will be available in late July.

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