Microsoft Adds Carrier Billing Option for Xbox Store Across All Devices

Microsoft Adds Carrier Billing Option for Xbox Store Across All Devices

Microsoft has announced an expansion of the payment options for Xbox users in several countries that will allow them the opportunity to purchase (or rent as applicable) games, videos, and apps for playback/use on their Xbox One consoles and devices which support the Xbox app.

This latest billing update was revealed on the official Xbox Wire blog and adds nine mobile operator payment methods for overseas users.

That means Xbox users in the following countries can begin paying for those purchases on their phone bill instead of a credit card or bank account.

  • Beeline Russia
  • DNA Finland
  • Elisa Finland
  • O2 Germany
  • O2 UK
  • Swisscom Switzerland
  • Telenor Hungary
  • Telenor Norway
  • Telenor Sweden

The process for users is just like adding any other payment option for their Xbox related purchases.

When prompted to select a payment method, the users who have mobile telephone service with the above companies can follow these steps to add Operator Billing.

Xbox One Payment Options

Step 1: When you are on the payment screen for the item from the Xbox Store look for the Change option and click/tap that to access the Pick a way to pay screen.

Xbox One Payment Options

Step 2: At the bottom of the Pick a way to pay screen click/tap Add a new payment method.

Xbox One Payment Options

Step 3: Add Operator Billing/Pay by telephone number.

My system does not show these options but if your Xbox One device is set to the region for one of those countries eligible for Operator Billing then you will see that as an option on this page.

Just click/tap that option and follow the prompts to add that payment option to your Microsoft Account. It will then be available for this purchase and as an option for future purchases since it only needs to be added one time.

The above steps can be completed on any device that runs the Xbox app or on the console itself but for reference the screenshots in this article are from the Xbox app.

The huge benefit of this type of payment method is that it does not require a credit card and this is a big plus for users in areas where access to credit is tougher to obtain.

I lived in Europe for 18 years and a lot of different things can be tied to carrier billing than here in the United States and so this expands payment options for those customers and is a very reliable method.

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