Keep Your Security Skills Updated with Classes and Conferences

Security classes are an obvious way to learn new skills, but did you know that attending security conferences is also a great way to learn new security tips and tricks? Conferences such as SANS, Computer Security Institute (CSI), The Internet Security Conference (TISC) BlackHat, DefCon, and dozens of others offer lots of great information that you'll find useful at some point. If you don’t attend such conferences, consider doing so; think of conferences as informational primers, updates, and minicourses, because in many instances, this is exactly the case.

With security training so popular these days, new classes are appearing in the marketplace at a rapid rate. I receive a lot of email asking about various types of security training, and frankly, with so many new classes available, keeping track of them all is difficult. So I can't always provide a decent answer, but maybe you can.

I've asked this question before on the Web site, and I'd like to revisit this topic with you Security UPDATE readers. I think you all know of some great security training resources, and I'd like to learn of any resources you know about and share them with others.

So, if you've taken Windows NT-related security training in the recent past, or your company offers security training that is not third-party product centric (software buyers already know that a given software vendor offers product-specific training), please send me an email detailing the specifics.

From students, I'd like to hear what classes you took, who offers those classes, and your impression of the overall training experience. Was the class useful? Was it worth the cost? Do you strongly recommend the class to others?

From training entities, I'd like to learn what classes you offer, a brief class description, class prices, and where I can find more information on the Web.

I'll consolidate the information you provide and publish it in an upcoming edition of this newsletter. If you respond, please use the message subject "Security Training" so I can more easily identify those incoming emails. I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, have a great week.

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