JSI Tip 7247. Support WebCast: Corporate Strategies for Reducing or Eliminating Malware.

Support WebCast: Corporate Strategies for Reducing or Eliminating Malware contains:

Session Summary

This Microsoft Support WebCast session will discuss common and uncommon security practices that can be used to deter malicious code (malware) from hampering a corporate network that is based on Microsoft technology. This session will talk about the various new types of malware in the wild today, available security solutions, how to manage security solutions, and the best practices to use in a corporate environment.

This is a Level 300 session that will be presented by Daryl Pecelj . Daryl Pecelj joined Microsoft in November 1991 as an IT support technician. He arrived with extensive Naval Intelligence and security training and was a natural selection when Microsoft expanded the security group to include an antivirus program manager. Today Daryl is a Senior Antivirus Technologist and still a member of the Microsoft Corporate Security Group. He is an MCSE and is CISSP certified.

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