JSI Tip 10169. How can I troubleshoot Bluetooth detection and connectivity problems in Windows XP Service Pack 2?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 883258 contains the following summary and introduction:


After you install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), a Bluetooth device that previously functioned correctly in Windows XP SP1 and that supported Bluetooth wireless devices may not function correctly. This article discusses how to troubleshoot:
• Bluetooth device detection issues. 
• Service detection issues. 
• Device detection and connectivity issues.


This article answers the following questions about troubleshooting your Bluetooth device after you install Windows XP SP2:
What can I do if my Bluetooth devices do not function?
What can I do if a Bluetooth device is not detected when I add the device?
What can I do if I experience a slow connection with the Bluetooth device or the device is disconnecting?
What can I do if some of the Bluetooth devices features no longer function?
What are some things to consider if I have problems with my Personal Area Network (PAN) connections?
What are some things to consider if a Bluetooth device cannot find its associated services?
What can I do if my Bluetooth device loses its connection?

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