It's All in the Name: The ButtKicker

Make your home viewing or gaming experience feel real with the ButtKicker LFE. The Guitammer Company's new low-frequency sound product, the ButtKicker LFE, lets you feel the rumble of low-end bass from movies and music. Place the ButtKicker in a chair, couch, or suspended wood floor, or purchase a ButtKicker-equipped chair, and you can rattle along with your home's foundation. ButtKicker-equipped chairs aren't vibrating furniture; they pick up the bass track, the .1 and low-frequency effects (LFE) channels, and reproduce the feeling of those sounds. Here's the best part about this product: Because the ButtKicker is isolated in a chair, couch, or a suspended wood floor, unlike other speakers, the sound emitted doesn't bleed into adjoining rooms or connected housing. Say what you will about the product's name—I know you smiled when you read it—the ButtKicker is a sure way to enliven your home theater. You can purchase a ButtKicker LFE for $299.99

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