How do I rename a global group?

A. There is no application way to rename a global group, the only action that can be taken is to create a new global group and copy the contents:

  1. Start User Manager for Domains (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - User Manager)
  2. Select the Global group you wish to rename in Group area of User Manager
  3. From the User menu select Copy or just click F8
  4. Enter a new group name and description
  5. Click OK

You will notice the content of the original group has been copied over. You can now delete the original global group but be careful, global groups are often used in local groups in the specific domain and any trusting domains so ensure it is not used anywhere prior to deletion.

In Windows 2000 you can rename global groups just be selecting them and selecting rename from the context menu.

An API exists, NetGroupSetInfo, which allows you to change its name with GROUP_INFO_0 and specify a value using grpi0_name.

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