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Windows Phone Dev Podcast 50: Silent and Invisible


I appeared on the latest episode of the Windows Phone Dev Podcast this week. Ryan Lowdermilk and I discussed the Windows Phone news from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, including the AT&T and Nokia press conferences and Microsoft's final keynote address. And for you Call of Duty fans, a healthy debate about the best weapon loadout for MW3 Team Deathmatch.

Running time: 1:13:30

Download: MP3 format

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About the show: 

Windows Phone Dev Podcast is the first online show exclusively for Windows Phone developers and enthusiasts.

Each week Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk traverse the exciting world of Windows Phone; covering the latest news and exploring what it means for the developer community and everyday users.

Plus, exciting guests are always dropping by. Industry leading developers and bloggers like Paul Thurrot, Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng, PopCap Games, Mary Jo Foley, Alex Willhelm, and many many more!

If you’re a fan of Windows Phone, or a long time developer, there’s plenty of exciting content to be found on Windows Phone Dev Podcast.

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