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More Microsoft Concept Videos

When Microsoft's Office Future Vision video was released the other day, I mentioned that the software giant releases these kinds of videos all the time and thought it would be interesting if we could find a similar video from 10 years ago. (Curiously, Microsoft has since released an equally unlikely Kinect video.) Thanks to a reader, here are two previous Microsoft concept videos to enjoy.

Meet the Family (1999)

In this video, we see early (very early) peeks at touch computing, MSN Explorer (since abandoned), integrated computing experiences, video calling, Windows Phones, Media Center/Internet TV, and much, much more. It's a painful 10 minutes long. So settle in.

The Near Future

I'm not sure when this video was made, but the description says it depicts "the evolution of real-time collaboration technology." This one is heavy on Tablet PCs, Windows Mobile flip phones, Exchange/Lync-style communications, and Hawaiian shirts. (The video title on YouTube is incorrect.)

Thanks very much to Sean W. for the links.

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