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Microsoft Surface: Pricing and Availability

You’ve waited and wondered, but today Microsoft will finally came clean on the pricing and availability of its Windows RT-based Surface tablet devices. The Surface will be priced at $500 to $700, while the keyboard covers will cost $120 to $130.

That’s higher than I’d like.

For comparison’s sake, Apple’s iPad starts at $500 and runs up to $830, but the higher end versions offers cellular broadband capabilities. No such capability is provided on the Surface.

Here’s the rundown on Surface pricing:

Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB: $499

Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB with Black Touch Cover: $599

Surface with Windows RT, 64 GB with Black Touch Cover: $699

Surface Touch Cover (white, red, black, cyan, or pink): $120

Surface Type Cover: $130

You will be able to preorder Surface with Windows RT today from the Microsoft Store online, and the device will be available for sale from Microsoft Stores (retail and online) on October 26. A source tells me that other retailers will begin selling Surface in early 2013.

Surface will be available for sale online in eight markets across the world: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Note that these prices are only for the Windows RT version of Surface. The Windows 8 version isn’t expected until early 2013. Given the RT pricing, one has to think those versions of Surface will be in the $999 range, in line with Ultrabook pricing.

Too high?

More information as it arrives.

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