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Microsoft Case Studies About MOM

Since I've been writing the Hey Microsoft! column, several readers have asked for case studies related to the topic of the month. For those folks and others like them, Micosoft provided executive summaries for three Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)–related case studies and links to the Microsoft Web pages at which you can download the complete studies.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
The Distributed Systems Group (DSG) at Japan Research Institute America, an IT service company, manages five data centers on two continents for the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC). DSG found it time consuming to monitor the 400 Microsoft Windows–based servers at the data centers and keep them running smoothly. SMBC, a global banking leader, runs many mission-critical company applications and services on its servers—including software for processing more than 20,000 customer transactions per day. To help support these vital business functions, DSG deployed Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005. By using MOM 2005, DSG automated processes and reduced the time required to manage the data centers. MOM 2005 also helped DSG consolidate servers, while providing detailed reports to improve decision making. (To download this case study, go to

Rackspace Managed Hosting
With a commitment to customers that it trademarks as Fanatical Support, Rackspace Managed Hosting, a managed hosting provider that runs Web sites for many large companies, can't afford downtime. The fast-growing company, which increased its revenues 50 percent in 2003, needed an efficient way to monitor and manage the Microsoft Windows Server–based infrastructure of its Intensive Hosting division. To achieve that goal, Rackspace deployed Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005. Even before full deployment, MOM 2005 provided fewer—and more relevant—alerts on potential problems than the previous version of the software did, so minor issues could be solved before they escalated. By using MOM 2005, Rackspace made server management easier and simplified reporting. Now, Rackspace has help with delivering on its commitment—and expects a return on its investment in less than 6 months. (To download this case study, go to

MulvannyG2 Architecture
MulvannyG2 Architecture, which designs buildings for clients worldwide, has a small information technology (IT) staff that used to spend 75 percent of its time reacting to computer problems. Without an operations management tool, the IT staff learned of service failures and slow performance only after users complained. MulvannyG2 needed a solution that would proactively monitor server health and alert IT staff to problems before they escalated. After considering other solutions, the firm deployed Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 as part of a Microsoft prerelease program. MulvannyG2 now uses MOM 2005 to monitor and manage several applications and services. For example, the firm can verify that the Active Directory (AD) service works properly so that users can log on to the network. (To download this case study, go to

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