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Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA Photos Lenovo

Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA Photos

It flips, it spins, and works and plays the way you want

The first of what should be several Windows 8 devices has arrived: The Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA is a hybrid device based on the firm’s well-received U-series Ultrabooks, offering the full power of Windows 8 with an Ivy Bridge processor and a thin and light design.

This loaner IdeaPad YOGA is the 13-inch version; an even svelter 11-inch version running Windows RT is expected in the weeks ahead. But the Windows 8 version I’m testing is attractive and highly portable, and its unique multiple usage modes—laptop, tent, stand, and tablet—will put it over the top for many people, especially those who need an Ultrabook first and a tablet second, and want that functionality in a single device.

I’ll be reviewing the IdeaPad YOGA soon. In the meantime, please enjoy these initial photos.

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