Cortana now provides translation services

Cortana now provides translation services

Although the roll out of Cortana on Windows 10 to other countries continues at a very slow pace for many, new features and capabilities continue to be added on a regular basis.

That in turn means a great experience will be waiting for users once those locales finally have access to the Microsoft personal digital assistant. 

The latest addition to Cortana's repertoire is native translation support for users in the US and China on Windows 10.

The power behind this feature is the Microsoft Translator service which is already available over the web and built into many of Microsoft's current app offerings.

Cortana has three methods for providing these translation services:

  1. If you have Hey Cortana setup on your device then you can just say "Hey Cortana, translate XXXXXXXXXXXXX in French"
  2. Click the microphone icon next to Cortana's search box and use the same phrase as #1 above. You can drop the "Hey Cortana" but the process still works if you say it.
  3. Type the request into Cortana's search box like this "Translate XXXXXXXXXXXXX to German"

Cortana can translate phrases and words into 40 different languages - including Klingon.

You can see the entire list of languages and additional info about the feature at the Microsoft Translator blog.

Microsoft did not provide a timeline for the expansion of this feature to other countries.

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