Windows 2000 and PC Anywhere: Yes, Virginia, it works

I don't usually put this kind of tip in WinInfo (but yes, I've added it to my Windows 2000 FAQ as well:, but I've gotten so many requests for this, that I just couldn't resist. Thanks to Symantec's Alan Feldman, I've got a solution for anyone that wishes to run PC Anywhere 9 on Windows 2000. Here's the deal:

Out of the box, PC Anywhere 9 won't work on Windows 2000 RC1 or RC2. In fact, it will render your system unbootable if you let it reboot after the install. However, you can download a patch from the Symantec Web site that makes it work fine, assuming you've got PC Anywhere version 9 (not an earlier version) and Windows 2000 RC1 (build 2072 or later) only. Just be sure to install the patch *before* rebooting.

For more information about the patch and the free download, please visit the Symantec Web site.

As an alternative, you can also run PC Anywhere's LiveUpdate feature before rebooting after the initial install. If you don't install the patch using either of these methods, Windows 2000 will not boot after PC Anywhere is installed

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