Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 2 available

Thanks to Ramesh Viswanathan for the tip: Microsoft has made Service Pack 2 for Visual Studio 97 available. The Service Pack affects Visual Studio 97 (Enterprise and Professional Editions), as well as the following standalone products: Visual Basic 5.0 (Enterprise and Professional Editions), Visual C++ 5.0 (Enterprise and Professional Editions), Visual InterDev 1.0, Visual J++ 1.1 (Professional Edition), Visual FoxPro 5.0, and Visual SourceSafe 5.0. Service Pack 2 is a superset of Service Pack 1, that is, in contains all of the bug fixes from the first Service Pack as well.

You can order SP2 on CD for $22.45 (includes shipping) or download it from the Microsoft Web site.

Be warned, however: the download is huge. The core download (everything but Visual C++) is 35MB. If you need the Visual C++ fixes, the full download is 88MB. Visual Basic users can download a Visual Basic-only SP that comes in around 7.3MB.

The list of bug fixes in this service pack is fairly long. Please consult the "Overview of Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 2 Updates and Bug Fixes" page for details

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