SNIA Launches Education Programs

   The Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) has established new programs to increase end user and IT industry educational opportunities. SNIA is leveraging its existing educational program, SNIA Education Provider members, and the SNIA Technology Center to offer new certifications, education frameworks, a SNIA Technology Center Institute, tutorials, booklets, dictionaries, roadshows, workshops, and conference sessions. The new effort, which is called the SNIA Education Continuum, won't promote specific vendors but will offer professionals information on developing and deploying storage products. The SNIA Education Continuum is the result of feedback that SNIA has received from the IT community, according to the organization. "Accelerating education and certification of storage administrators, while also accelerating the adoption of standards and best practices, were recognized as important steps in meeting today's business needs. The programs of the SNIA Education Continuum offer a valuable foundation to learn about the variety of technologies and solutions available to better manage corporate data resources," said Marty LeFebvre, vice president of technology strategy at Nielsen Media Research and member of the SNIA End User Council Governing Board.
   Highlights of the new effort include the Storage Network Education Framework, which guides providers and vendors in developing and delivering courseware based on industry knowledge and experience; the SNIA Network Certification Program (SNCP), which will certify professionals based on their knowledge of concepts, standards, solutions, and products; and the SNIA Technology Center Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which will offer new courses beginning this month.

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