SecureWave Announces Upgraded Buffer-Overflow Protection

SecureWave announced the release of SecureStack 2.0, an upgraded version of its buffer-overflow protection software. Improvements to the product include better performance, multiprocessor support, and support for AMD's K7 processor.

SecureStack is a kernel-mode driver for Windows 2000 and Windows NT systems that helps protect the OS and services running on the system, including Web services, database applications, and mail servers. According to SecureWave, the product doesn't rely on known attack-type signatures. Instead, SecureStack monitors memory space by looking for injections of executable code that don't belong outside the memory space that the system has allocated for executable-code space. When the product detects code injected into an application's process, SecureStack terminates that process.

The new version costs $249. You can find out more about the product on the company's Web site.

TAGS: Security
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