Qualcomm beta testing new Eudora

Qualcomm is offering a beta download of its latest version of Eudora, which now supports a unique "sponsored" mode for users that want to put up with advertising to get the full power of the program. In the past, Qualcomm offered two versions of Eudora, a "lite" version with limited functionality and a "Pro" version that included the full feature set. With version 4.3, now in beta, Qualcomm is offering a third way to use Eudora: Sponsored mode, which presents banner ads in the program's window but gives you the full functionality of Pro for free. And each of the versions--Lite, Pro, and Sponsored--ship in the same product, so you can switch back and forth if you like.

The Sponsored and Pro versions of Eudora now support extensive filtering capabilities, virtually unlimited folders for easy management of email, power search functions, automatic name completion, and more. For more details, and the free download, please visit the Eudora Web site

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