Pentium III schedule reworked

A 600 MHz version of Intel's Pentium III microprocessor will appear more quickly than expected but a new 133 MHz bus that was expected in September has been delayed until late 1999 as Intel reworks its Pentium III release schedule. The first 600 MHz Pentium III will debut this summer, using the current 0.25 micron technology employed by current generation Pentium IIIs. A faster and cooler 0.18 micron technology, which was expected in September along with a faster 133 MHz motherboard bus chipset, will be delayed until September because Intel has been unable to get the yields they need for mass production.

"The process technology is going just fine. It's already into production. The core technology on \[the 0.18 micron-based Pentium IIIs\] is fine," said an Intel spokesperson. "The challenge is getting the design to run at the full frequency."

Also delayed are the mobile versions of the Pentium III that will use 0.18 micron technology, including a 600 MHz chip that automatically scales back its speed and power consumption when running on battery power

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